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Intuition: Your Hidden, Natural Genius

One of the reasons the Life-Coaching process is so effective is because the work I do with clients is targeting at getting the answers they need from inside themselves. Here’s why that’s awesome: “Brain researchers estimate that your unconscious database outweighs the conscious on an order exceeding ten million to one. This database is the […]

How to Handle an Overbearing Spouse, Parent or Friend

Many of us, at some point in our lives, have a relationship with someone who seems to want to hover over and smother us; telling us what to do, how to act, and who they think we should be. Whether this type of treatment comes from a spouse, partner, parent or friend, it can seriously […]

Fear and Vulnerability

Every time I get ready to record and post one of my Monday video blogs, or write one of my weekly articles for a local newsletter, or get in front of a group of people to lecture or give a speech, I get scared.  I get REALLY scared. All kinds of thoughts swirl through my […]

How to Ask for Help

There’s so much to get done throughout the day and for many of us, it can really become overwhelming. The stressed-out, frazzled feeling so many people experience can often be solved by simply getting help. But asking for help can be difficult. We make it harder on ourselves by carrying around “rules” about asking for […]

The Destructive Habit of Comparing Yourself to Others

This week’s Video Blog discusses one of the biggest causes of self-sabotaging our success and happiness:  Comparing ourselves to others. Watch the video below to find out how to rid yourself of this destructive habit, so you can focus your energy on your own progress and the next steps towards what you want to achieve. […]

Let’s Connect:

What People Are Saying:

I have really enjoyed working with Edie as my coach.  Since working with Edie, my self esteem has really improved, I have realized what is important to me and have set goals to achieve my dreams.  Edie really made me feel important, that there was nothing I couldn't do and that there was no small or silly dream.  I was very comfortable in telling Edie anything I was feeling, I never felt judged by her.  My home life has really improved with the changes we made.  I can better relate to my children and husband.  I would recommend Edie's coaching program to anyone!  She is great!

- Sherry L.

Thank you Edie for your amazing coaching.  It really helped me to have you ask the questions that I don't think to ask myself.  I find myself reflecting on our sessions and I always come away with deeper insight and understanding about my life and its purpose. Your passion for helping people comes through in your coaching.  You are awesome! Thank you for inspiring me to live life to the fullest!

- Jana D.

I was a little nervous before talking with Edie. I didn't really know what to expect and I thought she would tell me everything I was doing wrong in my life, which no one really wants to hear. But she never once told me what I should or shouldn't be doing. She just listened and brought up some interesting questions that I hadn't thought to ask myself before. It helped me focus on what was truly important to me and my life. Thank you Edie!

- Melissa A.

Before speaking with Edie, I was living each day without intention.  I had ideas about some things I would like to accomplish in both the near future and further out, but I kept pushing the details of those ideas to the side.  Edie’s coaching helped me identify what is most important to me in my life right now.  Through our work together, I was able to hammer out not only the direction I need to move, but the steps to get me to the intended destination.  The most difficult aspect of living an authentic life is knowing specifically what it is that will make it magical for you.  Edie will help you target those areas that are most important to you to then allow you to live your dream. 

- Ryan R.

I got so much out of just one exploratory session with Edie. She asked me questions that really got me thinking about what I want and how to get it. I believe her style of coaching will make a huge difference in my life and bring out the best in me. I look forward to future sessions with her.

- Teri A.

Thanks, Edie.  I now understand how a coach would be able to help me set goals for myself that i might think about, but can't see how to get started.  I can now see how working with a coach would help me see what i have or haven't done in the past to help forward my career, and help me to see what i need to do to keep me on track towards my goals.

- David A.

I recently had my first call with my coach, Edie. It was a great experience -such an easy flowing conversation. I can’t believe how much it motivated me!  I often need a kick in the pants for a little motivation.  If it were possible I would get that motivation every day. I can’t wait for my next appointment.  Thanks for your help Edie!   

- Eric L.