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How to Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season


In this week’s Vlog I share with you the one simple thing you can do this Holiday season to help save your sanity, and have you actually enjoy the Holidays rather wishing for the day they’re over.

I visited a good friend of mine in Seattle last December, and
when I got to her house, she opened the door, and I gave her
a big hug and said “Merry Christmas!” She quickly “unhugged” 
me, and replied, “Ugh.  No, it’s not.  I hate Christmas.  
I can’t wait for it to be over.”

Click the image below to watch this week’s Vlog and find out how
you can prevent yourself from this type of insanity this holiday

Here’s the thing:  “We are always saying ‘No’ to something.”

You see, every single time you say “Yes” to something, you
are saying “No” to something else.  Unfortunately much of
what we say “Yes” to doesn’t line up with our true priorities,
and when we say “Yes” to them, we are, in turn, saying “No”
to the things that are fundamentally more important to us.

This Holiday, while everything seems especially busy, urgent
and “important,”  take just a few minutes to really think about
what your priorities are.  I’m guessing you would place a higher
value on your relationships, your health and your happiness,
than you would a perfect house, immaculately wrapped
gifts, and the christmas party you feel ‘obligated’ to go to.

Remember:  you are always saying “no” to something.  Make 
sure you’re not saying “no” to the things that matter the most
to you.

Happy Holidays!… (emphasis on the word, ‘Happy’  😉 )

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Coaching with Edie has been a very positive and motivating experience for me.  Things I kept putting off became my focus, I took action, and accomplished them very quickly with just her asking the RIGHT questions.  I have written down my goals - something I normally don't like to do - and I am seeing my goals being met on a weekly and monthly basis.  When I didn't meet a specific goal I had for the week, she completely took a positive side and we moved forward for the next week.  I knew what I wanted in my life, I just wasn't focusing or putting it to action like I am now.  Thank you Edie for your support, positive influence and the nudges from behind!

- Teresa S.

Edie really helped me gain a lot of insight into my professional and personal life. It was an eye-opening experience. I look forward to achieving some of the goals that we talked about, and I am confident that I will achieve them with Edie's support and guidance.

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