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Yard Sales and My *Jerk* Husband

Ever feel like your spouse or partner
doesn’t get you at all? Or what’s worse,
ever feel like they know what you want/need
and are blatantly NOT giving that to you?

Here’s a short video that sheds some light
on our non-mind-reading boys, and how we can
adjust some of our own programming to communicate
(and get) what we want and need.

QUALIFIER: Not EVERY man/partner has our best
interest at heart and I’m not insinuating that.
This video is referring to the average, stereotypical
couple. I know there are people who do not
fit that stereotype.

QUALIFIER NUMBER TWO: I didn’t have time in this
video to go into the “TAKE Responsibility For Your
Own Happiness, Your Own Wants – and Go Get Them”
aspect of things. I’ll save that for another day,
another video.

Yes – if you want to go to a yard
sale, and your spouse/partner drives by it, you still
have the option of getting home, getting in the car
and driving right back there to take care of your
own needs. You can (and should) take responsibility
for meeting your own needs as well. I just didn’t go
into all that this time. Hope this is useful.

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Coaching with Edie has been a very positive and motivating experience for me.  Things I kept putting off became my focus, I took action, and accomplished them very quickly with just her asking the RIGHT questions.  I have written down my goals - something I normally don't like to do - and I am seeing my goals being met on a weekly and monthly basis.  When I didn't meet a specific goal I had for the week, she completely took a positive side and we moved forward for the next week.  I knew what I wanted in my life, I just wasn't focusing or putting it to action like I am now.  Thank you Edie for your support, positive influence and the nudges from behind!

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