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Why We Lie to Ourselves By Using Phrases of Denial

Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” – Walter Anderson

This week’s Vlog discusses how we keep ourselves stuck in life situations that we’re not happy with by using “Phrases of Denial” such as:

“It’ll be fine.”

“This amount of credit cared debt is normal.”

“My marriage is typical.”

“My relationship is fine.”

“I’m okay.”

“It’s just a phase”

“I need these to relax.”

“Teenagers just can’t be controlled these days.”

Click the image below to watch this week’s Vlog and find out how your “phrases of denial” are sabotaging your success and happiness.


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Coaching with Edie has been a very positive and motivating experience for me.  Things I kept putting off became my focus, I took action, and accomplished them very quickly with just her asking the RIGHT questions.  I have written down my goals - something I normally don't like to do - and I am seeing my goals being met on a weekly and monthly basis.  When I didn't meet a specific goal I had for the week, she completely took a positive side and we moved forward for the next week.  I knew what I wanted in my life, I just wasn't focusing or putting it to action like I am now.  Thank you Edie for your support, positive influence and the nudges from behind!

- Teresa S.

Edie really helped me gain a lot of insight into my professional and personal life. It was an eye-opening experience. I look forward to achieving some of the goals that we talked about, and I am confident that I will achieve them with Edie's support and guidance.

- Ellie M.