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The Mindset You Need When Taking “The Road Less Traveled”

This week’s Vlog discusses the difference between a “98% Mentality” vs. a “2% Mentality” and which one you need to adopt if you’re looking for success and happiness down “The Road Less Traveled.”

Many of us make the decision to go after our dreams and take the steps necessary to create
our ideal life, only to be met with intense opposition from friends and family who want to protect us from failure or disappointment.

Unfortunately, so many people succumb to these comments and hold themselves back because they haven’t adopted the mentality to power through it.

Click the image below to watch this week’s Vlog and learn the crucial difference between being a 2Percenter vs. a 98Percenter.

I definitely want to hear your comments on this one, as I know a lot of people have mixed opinions on this topic.

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Have a great week!

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