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What To Do When People Make You Mad or Upset

Every single day, we are faced with someone doing something or saying
something to us that makes us mad, makes us feel bad, hurts our
feelings, etc.

Nine times out of ten, what bothers people the MOST in
their lives is based on what someone else is doing or NOT

But, here’s the truth: no one can MAKE you feel anything.
And how we feel is and always has been up to us. If we get mad because of
what someone else did or said, it’s because we ALLOWED ourselves to
get mad about it. No one has any power over how we feel unless we allow it.

Watch this quick video to discover what you can do when someone makes you
mad or upset. Click on the image to start the video:

Once you start challenging your automatic thinking patterns, you’ll start to feel
the power you have over your own mind, and then those feelings of helplessness
and frustration starts to fade.

Have a great week! Please share this video by clicking the icons below, and feel
free to leave a comment! I love the feedback~
~Edie Kay

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